Training Facilities

Epic Shooting, Training & Tactical Defense Center, in conjunction with our affiliate Templar Protective Associates, is offering world class training from nationally recognized instructors. We are very proud and fortunate to offer specialized training from our team of certified and experienced professionals.

Firearms Training and Personal Defense

Epic Shooting Center’s firearms and personal defense courses wil include:

     •   License To Carry (LTC) – You will be able qualify for a Texas License to Carry by attending one of our LTC classes and passing both a written and shooting proficiency test. We utilize the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) curriculum. USCCA has developed the best license to carry curriculum and classroom materials available today. We handle the academics including classroom time, the written test, required passport photos, paperwork and fingerprints onsite.

     •   Active Shooter Fundamentals – The need to study active shooter incidents and be trained and prepared is a must today. We utilize our highly skilled team of instructors to train and educate you starting with a hard look at the data. We then explore whether current policies and practices lead to the best outcomes when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. We conclude with the steps you need to follow to survive an active shooter event.

     •   Women's Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals – Join us in a friendly, non-threatening environment to learn about the fundamentals of handguns, their safe handling and how they fit into your personal protection toolkit. We show you life saving techniques using realistic training scenarios which you can apply the minute class over.

     •   Firearms and Personal Defense – We offer numerous handgun, shotgun and carbine classes covering home defense, tactical, low light and night shoots, and scenario training. Our classes are based on the modular approach to training developed by Larry Yatch at Sealed Mindset. This unique curriculum is inspired by Larry's Navy SEAL training and emphasizes guided practice to develop essential self-defense skills.  

     •   One-On-One Sessions – We offer sessions where you can meet directly with a personal instructor to achieve your shooting and personal defense goals, including concealed carry, marksmanship, knife defense and weaponless defense.

     •   Assessments – We offer various assessments for a detailed view of your total firearms skills. Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply seeking to improve your skills, our assessments will help you set and achieve your goals more efficiently and confidently by providing information about your current skill level.

Security, Executive Protection and Law Enforcement Classes

Epic Shooting Center also offers courses which prepare students to qualify for unarmed guard (Level 2), armed guard (Level 3) and bodyguard/executive protection (Level 4) licensing in Texas. In addition, we will provide Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) re-certification courses.

First Responder Classes

We offer a broad array of first responder courses including CPR, first aid, advanced cardiac life support, Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. Our instructors include personnel from leading agencies in North Texas including the Dallas and North Richland Hills Fire and Police Departments. We also offer one of the newest and most sought after courses developed in the U.S. --  Tactical Medicine. With an increase in domestic active shooter incidents and a change in law enforcement tactics, Tactical Medicine skills are the latest advancement in first responder protocols.

Epic will also offer Firefighter I & II, Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations courses, all of which are required to become a Texas Firefighter. This will provide the opportunity for aspiring firefighters to continue working when a full-time Fire Academy schedule at a community college doesn't work.

Shooting Programs and Classes

Epic Shooting Center offers shooting programs, including group classes and training seminars on subjects ranging from personal defense to leadership to tactical strategies. Epic also offers martial arts and krav maga classes emphasizing weaponless and less-than-lethal weapon self-defense. The volume and variety of activities will allow you to enjoy Epic Shooting Center, whether participating in personalized activities or with your family and friends in group activities.

Epic Shooting Center also provides youth classes including the Eddie Eagle GunSafe™ program as well as classes for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Explorer Scouts to learn about CPR, first aid and safety related topics and earn merit badges and other awards.